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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) consulting

The European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive mandates that over 50.000 EU and some non-EU companies disclose their sustainability information as a part of their annual management report.

The start of the CSRD disclosures is based on company size, turnover, listed status and geographical market, with first enterprises being required to report in 2025 for financial year 2024. The reporting requirements are extensive and cover many areas of sustainability based on the double materiality principle, which can be particularly challenging for companies who are only starting to define their sustainability strategy.

Some of our deliverables are:

Sustainability Profiling for Products

A sustainable business is about creating positive environmental, economic, and social impact.

With material circularity playing a crucial role in sustainability reporting, product certification, and regulatory compliance across various sectors, we think that knowing your environmental footprint is key for success. LCA is one of the most effective tools to measure and describe the environmental impact of products and find practical ways to improve these.

We offer our clients LCA, EPD, and in-depth education in those tools. In addition we provide technology advice and strategic support to build circular businesses.

Supporting you with:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life cycle assessment is an established methodology for quantification of environmental impacts of products and services across their life cycles. It can be used for identification of environmental hotspots, comparison of different scenarios at design and product stages.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) are Type III ecolabels based on the LCA methodology with a usual validity of 5 years. They declare the environmental impacts associated with the product’s lifecycle using a standardised, comparable methodology.

Circularity training

We work hand-in-hand with you to build a circular culture in your organization, empowering your employees through tailored training and education. Together, we develop circular strategies that reflect your values and business goals.

LCA and EPD for Products and Materials

Are you developing a new product and need a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

We conduct LCA for construction projects and materials using Boverket – approved software. Our LCA helps you understand the environmental impact of your building design and identify opportunities for improvement. 

An EPD describes the product’s environmental impact in a transparent and comparable manner and is based on the LCA. Depending on what the product is, product category rules (PCR) define what needs to be included in the report.

For example, an EPD for construction products needs to include 19 different environmental impact categories across the product’s manufacturing and end of life stages, which helps you identify potential environmental issues along the value chain to implement more circular designs for improved environmental performance.  

Environmental Certification of Buildings

We have extensive experience in the construction industry, helping clients reduce waste and achieve environmental certifications such as the Nordic ecolabel Svanen and EU Taxonomy.

Our expertise extends to country-specific systems such as the Nordic Svanen, ensuring your project meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

We offer:

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