SMEs and Sustainability Reporting

Q1: Do SMEs need Sustainability Reporting? Sustainability reporting is becoming increasingly important for all organizations, includingSMEs, as stakeholders demand more transparency and accountability in the way businessesoperate and impact the environment and society. However, the number of SMEs (Small andMedium-sized Enterprises) that need sustainability reporting varies depending on variousfactors, such as the industry, size, location, […]

Fight against deforestation

We need to fight deforestation and the rapid destruction of some of the world’s most precious ecosystems Deforestation causes dramatic emission, about 4.8 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a year. In 2021, 3.75 million hectares of tropical primary rainforests were lost, resulting in 2.5 billion tonnes of carbon carbon dioxide emissions.  Forests act as […]

Fashion industry

Fashion industry alone comprises 10% of total global carbon emissions Fashion industry alone comprises 10% of total global carbon emissions. Total greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production, at 1.2 billion tonnes annually, are more than both the aviation and shipping sectors combined. By some estimates, sector emissions are expected to rise by more than 60 […]

Wood waste in Sweden

Today, about 2 million tons of wood waste is generated per year in Sweden Globally, nearly 30–40% of total solid waste are from construction and demolition waste. Wood waste is the second largest fraction after concrete and contributes 20–30% of the total construction and demolition waste. It is estimated that around 10–15% of the timber used […]

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